The Cyprus Union of Solar Thermal Industrialists (EBHEK) was founded in 1977 and is one of the oldest associations of industries established in Cyprus.

The production of solar water heaters in Cyprus began with the founding of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960. Because of the boom, the usefulness and simplicity of solar heater systems, the installation of solar water heater, embraced by every Cypriot citizens resulting a solar water heater to be installed in each household and business to cover the needs for hot water. Thus, Cyprus has managed to become the first country in the world for the m2 installed solar collectors per capita.

Since then more than 926.564 m2 of solar collectors have been installed. The Cypriot industry was competitive and until 1998 where there was a large number of exports.

However, under present conditions, competitiveness and globalization, the Cypriot industry failed to remain competitive both in export and domestic level and sufficient quantities of solar panels imported.

As EBHEK Members have renewed my mandate to be the president for a second term, since 2011, is to see the island’s solar water heaters industry to grow, to modernize, to be in line with new standards, invest in research and development, maintain and increase the number of employed skilled personnel and develop re-export activity.

The solar industry has so much momentum that can grow and serve the domestic hot water needs of both residential and business and is difficult to imagine the industry to slow soon. The use of solar energy for hot water and heating / cooling contributes to the Cyprus targets for renewable energy share of 13% by 2020, but also the reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions until 2030.

Under the new legislative requirements, all new public buildings by 01.01.2019 and all new housing from 01.01.2021 should be zero energy buildings. Also, according to the applicable minimum legal requirements for new buildings from 1.1.2017 should the contribution of renewables to reach 25%. Therefore, it is expected that the new buildings to install renewable technologies will increase in coming years.

Our Members today are 20, but I hope that soon EBHEK will be able to list and new members and associate members that are entities, organizations and companies linked directly or indirectly with the production of solar water heaters.

Andreas Ioannides

President EBHEK

Short Biography of the President of EBHEK

Mr Andreas Ioannides (PhD) has been employed at Johnsun Heaters LTD from 2003 as part time position and since 2007 full time at the position of Technical Manager. He is a University of Arizona graduate (2003) with a Bachelor in Engineering Physics. He has conducted extensive research in the field of Photovoltaics initially at the Joint Research Center (JRC) during a six-month in-service training and later on as a full time Phd student at Imperial College under Professor Keith W. J. Barnham. He is the author and co-author on several papers and articles on photovoltaic energy rating of commercial PV modules and dual junction quantum well solar cells. He has performed extensive research in both design and manufacture of dual junction solar III-V solar cells.

At his current position as Technical Director of the company he is responsible for product development, manufacturing and system design. Also due to his expertise in the photovoltaic sector the company has been able to extend its activities in the field of PV system design and installation. In the solar thermal field he was responsible for the introduction of CE mark on all hot water storage cylinders and the in-house production of ultrasonic-welded fins. He is currently a serving member on the boards of the Cyprus Union of Solar Thermal Industrialists (EBHEK) and The Cyprus Association of Renewable Energy Enterprises (SEAPEK). He is a member of National Technical Committee 13 (Solar Thermal Systems) and the committee representative in CEN/TC 312. He also represents the Cyprus Union of Solar Thermal Industrialists (EBHEK) at the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF).